Joshua is Qualified for the the Democracy Voucher program!

Thank you the 250+ people who donated and signed support statements!

In mid-February, every Seattle voter will receive four (4) $25 Democracy Vouchers to donate to a city council candidate of their choice in the mail. But candidates must qualify before they can accept the vouchers.  The Newman campaign needs 150 donations of $10 or more from Seattle residents, at least 75 of which must be from within District 4, before we can accept Democracy Vouchers. 

If you make a donation, we also need you to SIGN A STATEMENT OF SUPPORT with your contribution (the bottom portion of the form HERE) for it to count toward qualification. 

You can print, complete, sign, scan and email the form directly to us: Or drop it in the mail, to: 

Vote Joshua Newman
PO Box 9100
Seattle, WA  98109 

Donations can be made on-line on our “Donate” page, or you can write a check to “Vote Joshua Newman” and mail it with your Statement of Support and Contribution to the above address. If you don’t know your district number, let us know and we can search by your address. Volunteer to help us qualify! We want to qualify as quickly as possible and need all hands on deck to qualify. Email us at or fill out our volunteer form if you would like to help us qualify for the Democracy Voucher program. 

Thank you for helping us qualify for Democracy Vouchers!