Back in March, I attended Speak Out Seattle’s District 4 Candidate Forum. A friend and volunteer helped edit the 90 minute event down to this 10 minute version of my speaking portions.

We answered 9 questions, and were limited to one minute answers. I’ll admit that I was nervous, but given that it was my first public forum as a candidate, I’m pleased with my performance.

  1. Who are and why are you running?
  2. What can Seattle learn from similar cities where homelessness has dropped?
  3. What changes to Seattle’s approach to crime?
  4. In light of recent growth of city, what will you do to make Seattle more liveable and affordable? For instance, more condos?
  5. How would you rate the current city council? What would you bring to make it stronger?
  6. How would you have voted on MHA/HALA? How do you plan on voting on upcoming ADU legislation?
  7. What is your position on new police north precinct? (all candidates interpreted this to mean a SECOND precinct building. After the forum, the questioner clarified that she meant the planned replacement of the current precinct building, with a new building)
  8. What is your stance on upzoning and what effect will that have on low income housing?
  9. What would you do to improve transit to and from district 4?