Joshua on the Issues

Tackling Housing Affordability and Homelessness

Homelessness and affordability in our city are two of the most pressing issues in Seattle. Simply put, we need to build more housing, remove complexity from our zoning codes, and restore some sanity to the conversation around Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs). We can do this while protecting our remaining industrial lands from development as well.

Protecting the Environment

I am strongly in favor of Seattle designating more transit-only lanes in our city. Additionally, if we want to promote a more livable, walkable city, we need to work to complete a Green Streets sidewalk network as well as make significant progress building on the Bike Master Plan. There is also more work to be done in terms of updating building codes for energy and water efficiency, promoting compostable food packaging, and banning more single use plastics in our City.

Pushing for a More Responsive Government

It is no surprise that residents throughout the city are feeling ignored by this current City Council. We see the anger and frustration that folks throughout the city feel at the community meetings and forums over the last few years intensifying. We can rebuild the trust of the people our government is set to serve by prioritizing constituent services again. We can do more outreach into our Districts and listen to the concerns of various stakeholders. But it doesn’t just end there. We need a City Council that also is accountable, transparent and efficient with taxpayer dollars.